Wichita East High School
Class of 1992
Baby Faces
1990-1991 Flag Squad
1991. Kim Volz, Dayna Murphy, Nikki Nethercot & Darcie Hall.
1989 - Scarlet Letter Cast & Crew.
Fall 1991 Homecoming
Kim Volz, Kevin Wheeler, Nikki Nethercot, Billy Minshall - Fall 1991 Homecoming
JV Softball 1990
Yea Band!
Natalie Grant and Valerie Ward
Natalie Hodge (Grant) and Valerie Ward
Emily Gamm
91 Hangar Dance
State Fair Trip
Anne Iverson Brown
Nicole McFadden and Shelby Richardson Weidler
Cherith, Gary and Shelby
Tabitha Snyder and Shelby Richardson - Toga Party!
Tabitha Snyder - senior year photo
Tammy Braur - Senior Year Photo
Anne Iverson
Modeling Club
Modeling Club
Nicole McFadden - Junior year
Darcie & Season
Valerie, Natalie & Season
1st Day Senior Year
Cheer Camp Summer '91
Cheerleaders '91-'92
Ski Trip 1991
Fall Homecoming Senior Year
Fall Homecoming Senior Year
Fall Homecoming Senior Year
Jello Wrestling
Last Day Senior Year
Last Day Senior Year
Last Day Senior Year Ms. Niles
Project Graduation
Adrian and Sara 1991 Basketball Tournament
Sara Monica Kendra 1991 Basketball Tournament
Toga! Toga!
Senior Ski Trip
Senior Ski Trip
Prom 1992
Nikki and Tabitha
foreign exchange student Nicolai....trying to be marky mark....
David Reeves
Nhu Tran...in computer lab
craig lill and Natalie Hodge
Jason Bircher, Season Lafield, Natalie Hodge
Natalie Hodge and Season Lafield
Jeff Hamm
Senior lot
Junior Prom
Brandi, Rachel, Shawna, Tonia, Shelly and Allison. Senior Day
Tonia Posch, Shawna Gleason and Charlie Bennett....Grad Day!
Rachel Snow, Shelly and Shawna Gleason Senior English
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